It requires some exploring for the controller. A number of these controls have been over $200. Make use of this controller inspection that is modded to help get the very greatest modded control money can find.

We reviewed two PS-4 modded controls, one by Evil Controllers plus something by Fight Beaver Custom Controllers. MegaModz could be the most recent custom control that achieved requesting for an overview of these own product. MegaModz offered no reimbursement besides giving the control, for that review. These were insistent which Gigamax Games provide feedback on the controller that is PS 4 and also offer an unbiased review.

MegaModz Modded PS-4 Controller Initial Impressions

The packaging is a significant part of any item. Display counts. MegaModz pinpointed their PS-4 controller’s demonstration. It struck me to determine how it came packed upon launching the box that was brown. The MegaModz control has been in what seemed to be a First Party PS-4 controller box.

The alternative was supposed to receive my fingers on the control. The faceplate was pristine and shiny. When holding it if I had been going to engage in a game, it had been evident that the buttons on the rear of the control were still brilliantly. Even the added buttons, or”Macro Buttons”, sit nearly flush from the backplate.

They have been concave and triangular. This design permits the gamer when comparing to the Paddle/Buttons of Evil Controller, to prevent button clicks. They are more easily control and to press when compared to Battle Beaver Customs controls. MegaModz found a middle ground between Button along with then your Paddle to the back part of a controller.

In the beginning, I thought MegaModz modded when putting next to a number of your content as a result of fashions and controller images on Amazon, PS-4 controller dropped flat. MegaModz reached out following this review has been published and advised me that the listings on Amazon will be now their”willing to proceed” services and products. People who are looking to customize a control can accomplish that in the controller founder platform. Evil Controller’s offered custom options that were in-depth and therefore does MegaModz.

The very first step into using any control is exactly precisely the programming. On a MegaModz control, an LED lighting pad identifies a programmed macro button. There are just four LED lights located. The light emitting diode lights make it effortless to keep track of. In the future, it will become evident there is just another reason. Jump into the”Modded Controllers: Aggressive Edge or Cheating” department to understand more about the actual reason for the LED lighting fixture.

It takes two minutes to app a stock button. Contain on the mod hold a button and also hold a stock button down. The controller and Subsequent to the LED indicator lights up, it’s very great to proceed.

Anybody who is familiar with having fun at least 2 buttons in the back part of your controller is going to not have any trouble getting used to playing with a MegaModz controller. If such a thing, I enjoyed playing with the MegaModz a lot better for that actual very fact after putting the control I did click on the buttons.

MegaModz contains two macro switches in comparison to Evil Controllers four. Those buttons were overlooked. Even down two buttons, MegaModz macro switches were easier to control and enabled for gambling traction.

It is going to take a while and practice for people selecting control for the very first time. After some hours and two or three program installations that are different, those two buttons turned into a pure expansion of this control. Each game will call for stock buttons however it’s incredibly straightforward to reprogram on the fly.

Modded Controllers: Aggressive Edge or Cheating?

MegaModz has features much beyond a PS 4 controller that is modded that is typical. Many consider it cheating to make use of those buttons. MegaModz pushes the constraints of gambling that is ergonomic and drives the bounds of cheating.

Macro programs that are megaModz proceed beyond allowing you. Activities are enacted by Various sub-modes. Only at that moment, I have not attempted to assign. Two reasons held me.

The reason the sub-modes did not decide to take to yet is it left me worried. Here I break each controller down.


Turbo FunctionPress and maintain on the Macro Button and also the Mod Chip will press and then release the delegated inventory button period between button presses and also the time that the button is pressed may be corrected


Turbo Double-tap Just click on a macro button and also the Mod Chip will press on the delegated inventory button (Double-tap )The period between button presses and also the time that the button is pressed may be corrected


Turbo Triple TapJust click on a macro button and also the Mod Chip will press on the delegated inventory button times (Triple Tap)The interval between button presses and also the time that the button is pressed may be corrected


Continuous PressJust click on a macro button and also the Mod Chip will Keep on pressing the assigned inventory button the Quantity of time That’s Been configuredNext period that the button is pressed may be corrected.

All those are near cheating. A pal of mine said some games await for flawless button presses also certainly will prohibit individuals. That I was not likely to just consider the chance although this claim is still unconfirmed.

Deciding using the MegaModz control sub-modes throughout an internet game, my focus switched to games. That brings me to my next reason I did not decide to check sub-modes.

Controls Include a PS-4 Macro Re-map Controller Operational Guide. It has guidelines about the best way best to program programming choices, all of its purposes, and also the control. Contact information is found from the guide should they’ve support questions or whether people need help browsing the programing options. Concerning running this inspection the representative who achieved believed whether or not there are any questions, I can touch base. None of the made an enormous difference.

” I knew the idea, after studying the directions about just what best to work sub-modes. Then the milliseconds between presses move. MegaModz vocabulary I was knowledgeable about is used by the manual, also that I took some time back from deep into the programming choices. The weekend consisted of making time for how easy it had been into the macro buttons to program and reprogram stock buttons how comfortable the control was. In all honesty, it looked only just a little overwhelming to an app that the sub-modes. I suppose it isn’t too complicated as it sounds on top. Is careful reading and knowing the vocabulary specific.

Expect an upgrade during the next couple of weeks. I shall use this sub-modes exclusively offline.

MegaModz Conclusions

MegaModz is currently providing an intriguing item. The truth can be a small drawback. MegaModz controls are noticeable as it has the programming choices and ergonomic macro switches.

Macro buttons, because they are called by omega mods are near the fit and backplate fingers. It’s simple to prevent accidental button presses that may indicate that the difference between appearing to be an idiot onto the kill camera or winning a round Rainbow Six Siege. Nothing comes near to this macro that is sub-mod apps when programming the values, and also control an individual could get. Players can get a grip on just how many milliseconds between Tripple Harness or each Dual Harness, a feature not present in controls.

For the very inexpensive price of approximately $155 aftertax, you may get hold of a MegaModz control. They do not need to be properly used although this controller incorporates programmable options such as the sub-modes. MegaModz is really just actually a superb alternative for anybody who wants a modded control which offers some fun apps to experimentation off or even online.