Since its release, Rocket League has caused a sensation. The fact that the game is now completely free to play makes it obvious why everyone should have it in their library. It should be a go-to for multiplayer sessions with friends nearby and far away because it’s simple to play with friends locally or online.

If you haven’t played Rocket League yet, you’re one of an increasingly small number of people. The majority of players have already had ample opportunity to play the soccer with rocket-powered cars game, so if you’re a novice you’ll need some crucial advice to keep up with the competition. This guide will outline the key principles you must practice and remember in order to defeat knowledgeable adversaries, or you can simply defeat your inexperienced allies.

Positioning is crucial

How far away are you from the ball? When you first start playing, you might think that you should always be close to the ball and try to get a hit in, but this isn’t the best tactic, just like in actual soccer.

The ball will fly through the air when it is struck. Being the player in the ideal position to rebound that ball directly into the goal should be your main goal. You will occasionally need to be an attacker, step forward, and move the ball, but that shouldn’t be your only goal.

Spend and save more

Your encouragement is crucial. Yes, it speeds you up, which is helpful, but in the right circumstances, it can also end games. Having the extra speed at the ideal time can save your skin, whether it’s accelerating toward your goal to make a last-second save or scoring a goal on your own. But your boost can be used for more than just that…

Fly and float

In Rocket League, your vehicles have the ability to rotate, jump, and even boost while in the air. You can propel yourself into the air like a rocket ship if you point the boosters of your car downward. Rocket League does indeed feature aerial gameplay.

In Rocket League, perfecting flight is a matter of repetition; just keep playing games and trying to fly. You’ll eventually become accustomed to it. One effective practice technique is to float in front of your goal while tapping the boost button repeatedly and prepared to save.

Toy cam

In Rocket League, centering your camera on the ball with just one button allows you to consistently follow it. Using the ball cam is the easiest way to play if you’re just starting out because you can always keep an eye on what’s going on.

Without the ball cam, staying on the ball (ha) isn’t as simple, in which case a tiny white arrow simply points in the direction of the ball. If you’re a new player, stick with the ball cam for a little while. As you get more comfortable with the game, you might want to switch between the two during play depending on what you want to do.

Flip quickly

You can accelerate across the field much more quickly and without using your boost by flipping tactically. Drive forward with confidence, keep moving forward while jumping, and land with a double jump. If you time it right, you can flip forward into the air, increasing your speed even more, and land with your wheels on the ground while continuing to move quickly.

Handbrake rotation

For quick, strategic turns, the handbrake is very helpful. It’s very simple to misdirect opposing drivers or change your position for a quick pass. The majority of games are won by tight movement, despite the temptation to simply slam the ball against the wall or shoot straight at the goal while speeding around the field in circles. This is the kind of minor control adjustment that will quickly improve your playing.

Form a team

While playing online 1v1, against bots, and with arbitrary teams is undoubtedly a good way to get better, you’ll be in a better position to feel good about your winning streaks if you have a team in place before you log on. You can compel your friends to play Rocket League with you no matter what platform they’re using because it’s free to play and supports cross-platform play. You’ll soon be beating other players online if you train them properly.

Crawling up walls

Rocket League allows you to drive directly onto the walls, which you will quickly learn to do, but using them effectively is a completely different matter. Sure, driving up the wall in an effort to poke the ball is one tactic, but you can be much more deliberate. You can even briefly drive on the ceiling in order to dive-bomb onto the field and, hopefully, ram the ball into the goal.

Mods for game

There are numerous game modded versions to choose from on the internet. Mods give you opportunities to train and upgrade your skills in game. You can play the game in a completely different way thanks to the additional training features, display options, and other features that are provided. Use BakkesMod trainer for finding mods and start to train!

Keep your eyes on the prize

Stay on target if unsure. When possible, anticipate the ball and punt it out of the goal area if you don’t feel comfortable passing the ball or chasing down opponents. The fact that this is not a particularly demanding role does not diminish its significance. You can practice ball control instead if another player on your team wants to play goalie. Feel no pressure to be competitive when playing Rocket League; you are free to do as you please.