I hope this blog will help your family with financial stability and well being as much as other families around the world.

By the way, i am Marvin, owner of this blog. Like any other, i enjoy eating out, swimming, escapology and spending time with my family. My friends say that i am inspiring and friendly, but can also be very dull and a bit boring. But that is what makes me and made THIS idea happen.

I am Canadian and i grew up in a middle class neighborhood. My parents separated when i was small boy and my home situation was not stable after that. As you would expect, that situation carried over to my own family. Struggle was real and it even got to the point that me and my wife almost split up.

Still remember those sleepless nights trying to understand, why my financial stability is like a unreachable dream.

I had to learn a lot about life and world that my split off  father never taught me and things that this new generation have brought to us. Economics are crazy these days. But, also we have more options more than ever because of the internet.

Now it is time for you to gain your family economical freedom.

  • I have three children with wife Logan: Thomas aged 1, Ramona aged 7 and Darwin aged 11.